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Programs and projects

The Research Program “Social Studies of Science and Technology” is a continuation of the Priority Research Program “Socio-historical Studies of Science and Technology” developed in the IESCT-UNQ between 2003 and 2007.
The program aims to contribute to a better understanding of the social production and use of scientific and technological knowledge in our country, and in peripheral scenarios in general. The research aims to generate substantive contributions to the improvement of relations between knowledge users and producers, the development of public policies for science, technology, innovation and development, and social democratization of locally produced knowledge.
Director: Dr. Hernán Thomas.

The program “Technologies for Social Inclusion. Public Policies in Science, Technology, Inclusion and Social Development in Latin America” is a research program developed by the Area of Social Studies of Technology and Innovation that aims to contribute to the development of more inclusive and sustainable development processes through four key activities:

  • Research: Understanding the role that Technologies for Social Inclusion can play in processes of social, economic, political and environmental development.
  • Capacity building: Building capacities for strategic planning, project formulation, implementation, management and evaluation of Technologies for Social Inclusion.
  • Network building: Empowering stakeholders and building bonds between social organizations and R&D public institutions.
  • Policy consulting and design: Promoting the development and implementation of Science, Technology and Innovation programs oriented towards the generation of social inclusion dynamics.

Program website: http://www.redtisa.org
Program Blog: http://www.tecnologiassociales.blogspot.com
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Current projects

“Technologies for Social Inclusion and Public Policies in Latin America”. Directed by Drs. Hernán Thomas and Renato Dagnino (DPCT-UNICAMP, Brazil), funded by the International Development Research Centre (Canada).

“Science and Technology for the solution of social problems. Survey and analysis of institutional capacities for research and development, production, implementation and management of Social Technologies in Argentina (food, housing, energy and health).” Project PICT 2008 N ° 2115. Directed by Dr. Hernán Thomas, funded by ANPCyT.

“The production of knowledge-intensive technologies in Argentina (1946 to present). Socio-technical analysis of local experiences of research, development and technological innovation.” PIP Project 2008 N ° 112-200801-02344. Directed by Dr. Hernán Thomas, funded by CONICET.

“New technologies: conditions for evaluating risks and opportunities.” Project PICT 2007-00245. Directed by Dr. Fernando Molina, funded by ANPCyT.

“Grassroots innovation in historical and comparative perspective. Perspectives historical and comparative analysis based innovation in India and Latin America.” Funded by STEPS Centre - University of Sussex. Director: Adrian Smith (Univ. Sussex). Coordinators in Argentina: Hernan Thomas and Mariano Fressoli (IESCT-UNQ).

“Development of Technologies for Social Inclusion. Building capabilities in the MERCOSUR”, Perez-Guerrero Trust Fund for Economic and Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries, Members of the Group of 77, UNDP (2011-2013).

Work areas

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