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Research programs

Currently, research activities developed at the IESCT are developed mainly under three research programs:

Social Studies of Science and Technology
The Research Program “Social Studies of Science and Technology” is a continuation of the Priority Research Program: “Socio-historical Studies of Science and Technology” developed at the IESCT-UNQ between 2003 and 2007. The program aims to contribute to a better understanding of the social production and use of scientific and technological knowledge in our country, and peripheral contexts in general. The research aims at generating substantive contributions for the improvement of relations between knowledge producers and users, the development of science, technology, innovation and development public policies, and the social democratization of locally produced knowledge. Director: Dr. Hernán Thomas.

Philosphy and History of Science
The Research Program “Philosophy and History of Science” focuses on two of the different perspectives of so-called meta-scientific studies, with the intention of contributing to better their knowledge, namely in the philosophy of science, the history of science, and their interrelationships. With its various research projects, the program pursues analysis in both the so-called general philosophy of science, general science history and historiography of science (when analyzing the common aspects of science, making abstraction of the particularities and specificities of the various disciplines that it constitutes); the various special philosophies of science (when addressing specific philosophical problems of particular sciences); special stories of science (in which cases or particular episodes in the history of science are discussed in detail); and in the diachronic philosophy of science or historical epistemology of science, on the one hand, and philosophical history of science or written philosophical history of science, on the other. Director: Dr. Pablo Lorenzano.

Technologies for Social Inclusion. Public policies of Science, Technology, Inclusion, and Social Development in Latin America
The program “Technologies for Social Inclusion. Public policies of Science, Technology, Inclusion, and Social Development in Latin America” is a research program developed by the Area of Social Studies of Technology and Innovation. The program aims to contribute to inclusive and sustainable development processes, through four key activities:
Research: understanding the role that Technologies for Social Inclusion can play in processes of social, economic, political and environmental development.
Capacity building: building capacities for strategic planning, project formulation, implementation, management and evaluation of Technologies for Social Inclusion.
Network building: empowering stakeholders and building bonds between social organizations and public R&D institutions.
Assessment and public policy design: promoting the development and implementation of Science, Technology and Innovation programs oriented towards the generation of social inclusion dynamics.

Program blog: http://www.tecnologiassociales.blogspot.com
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